Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A new beginning

4 months of the year gone already, and while I can happily say that yes, there has been more painted than bought, I dont see much in the way of finished projects. I feel its time to reign in my butterfly mind, its way to easy to get up in the morning and think that ho-hum, what will I do today? Put some paint on a few models from that project, and the next day, do something totally unrelated. Things are getting painted but not ones that get anything new onto the table.

So, from this month on, its going to have to be a case of painting the stuff for a single project, and then if theres any time remaining in the month, paint whatever grabs my attention. In the grand scheme of things I think I'd rather see all these toys of mine on the table badly (unwillingly) painted than have them languishing in drawers awaiting a better paint job.

So the rest of this month is going towards clearing all the figures that are on my painting desk, then next month its pick a project and stick with it.

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