Saturday, 30 April 2011

April has come and gone

Aprils over now and we can look at the buying/painting ratio, as I managed to get another 56 painted the totals for the month are

Painted : 82
Bought : 22
Given away : 68

so thats a nice dent in the pile.

Projects completed this year : 3
Projects started this year : 2 (so far, more on this later)

Ok its later, I just got a copy of both Drums and Shakos and Song of Blades and Heroes by Ganesha Games, and I'm quite smitten by these rules, so intend having a go at both. But I'm going to argue the case that since I already have a Sharpe Practice project underway that the Drums and Shakos isnt a new project, simply diverting figures (that I already have) into a new ruleset. The Fantasy one however I'm going to hold my hand up and admit that yes this is a new project as I go shot of all my fantasy figures ages ago. So....

Projects completed this year : 3
Projects started this year : 3

Now decisions, decisions, do I scour the bowels of e-bay looking for individual figures, and paying postage on each one, or do I scour websites looking for individual figures that I think would look good together (and find myself ordering from 3 or 4 places, and paying each of them postage). OR do I just follow a whim and buy the Wargames Factory Amazons (always wanted these anyway) and Wargames Factory Orcs (very Tolkienesque) which I can get from either Maelstrom or Wayland for a touch under £15 a set. 24 figures in each box, multi part (so lots of little differences), the game only needs between 6 and 10 figures a side so theres plenty of figures, AND theyre post-free normally. To me its a no-brainer, I think I'll be buying the plastics. But it does mean that May starts with a hefty bump in the pile as thats 48 bought.

Ah well, no plan survives contact with E-Bay!!!! Instead of Orcs and Amazons I found myself purchasing 24 Moria Goblins (only a fiver!) and then I went looking for whatever (good) guys would make suitable opponents, so I bought a Buy-It-Now of a Glade Guard regiment at £15, so looks like job done for a mere £20. Not only that but thats only 40 bought, plus I managed to get 8 painted today, so it looks like May might be a reduction of the lead pile after all.


  1. Ruarok and I are looking at the possibility of using our D & D minis as warband figures for SoB&H. Ready painted, plenty of figures to choose from, and it just saves the hassle to start on a new project when we have hundreds of these figures sitting idly in a box

  2. Worked out the warbands yesterday, not a lot of figures needed, 5 Elves facing off against 12 Goblins. Both warbands come in at around 295pts, so not a great deal of painting required, but if you already have a load painted, well, thats even less.

    Looks like a ruleset thats just made of win.