Sunday, 27 May 2012

Mecha Update

Well not much progress really

Just a single basecoat on the Mech, some gnarley bits and texture slapped onto the base, but it does look a little better than the shiny resin and bare plywood.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

For one night only

Yes ladies and gentlebunnies, for one night only, for your delectation I present, in his naked splendour, the Josef Stalin 4.5

Built but without even a splash of paint the JS 4.5 Soviet Mecha, with a 28mm US Armoured Infantryman in the piccy for scale. This thing is fricken huge, I had to cut a 7 inch square plywood base to fit it on, its gonna be a real monster in the game, 85mm cannon, twin linked HMGs and a flamethrower under the chin. I love it already. :)

Amazing what you find in drawers

Looked in a drawer that I hadnt been in for a year or so and found this

Thats not one but two reasonable sized 28mm Mechs, and since the Soviets have no Mechs as such (apart from the Spider Tank) I'll use the Mech design section of the rules to stat them out as Mecha support for the new platoon. Gonna need lots of superglue and pinning to get these bad boys built, looks like Poundland here I come.

Still waiting for the postie :(

Well as I'm sitting here just waiting for the first 25 figures for my Soviet platoon to arrive I thought I'd lash the brush onto some backup for the Ogre I bought last month.

Thats an Orge leader, a Bugbear Shaman (yeah he doesnt look intelligent enough, I know) and 5 Gobbo archers, 2 Gobbo Light Infantry and 4 Gobbo Warriors. They'll be shite in battle but at least my recent Skaven warband might have a bit of a chance against them.

As a side note the Bugbear is one I found in a Dungeons and Dragons boardgame I bought years ago on e-bay and typically did nothing with. Looking at that fella, I feel that at least some of the figures might be worth painting.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

SoTR platoon finished SoRTa

Inspired by the Soviet order going in I thought I'd get the lead out and finish off the US platoon (as far as I'm able, the final 3 models havent been ordered yet)

That them then, bases tidied, flocked and the whole lot de-shinified with a quick spray of the infamous Dullkote. Really looking forward to starting to play this now.

Humming and Hawing

Well lets just say that I used to be indecisive, but now I just cant make up my mind.

As my SoTR US platoon nears completion, my mind has wandered off into the realms of "it would be nice to have another platoon for them to fight". Well the obvious choice has to be German, with all its sexy weirdness of Mecha, Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies. But then the evil thought came that that would just be duplicating what Mexican Dave is currently doing. That left the Brits and the Soviets, dont get me wrong, some of the Brit stuff is very nice, and it would be going against the "fluff" to have Brits fighting the US. So looks like the Soviets then, after several hours of  even more humming and hawing I pressed the BUY button, well my missus did as it was for my Birthday. Now, its waiting for the postie time again as I'm now waiting for 1) The doomsday book (all the extra units and scenarios) 2) Soviet Starter platoon and 3) Vasilly Zaytev Sniper Extraordinaire.

While the Mother-in-Law doesnt know it yet but she'll be adding a Zombie Horde and an Urzine to that lot. :)

You gotta love birthdays.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Brits on parade

Thats the Brits all flagged up now and here they are

As Dave can now see, the Brits aint the monsters I've been yakking them up to be, only 9 units in total so theyre outnumbered, 2 Raw Units, 1 unit of Vets and the rest average, and 1 less General than the Yanks. So its not looking too good for Geordie's boys.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A quick Yankee roll call for Saturday

Well, finally got round to doing the flags on these guys, so we can run them out on Saturday.

Thats 10 infantry units a unit of cavalry and a field gun, unfortunatly Dave is gonna look at the position of those flags and his head will hang low. As in Dave's favourite, Civil War Battles, in Washingtons Army the position of the flag/command base signifies the training of the unit, easy way to remember it is Right is Might. Flag on the right=veteran unit, flag in the middle=average unit, flag on the left=basically untrained rabble of a unit. A good few on the left and the rest are in the middle. I'll try to restore Dave's faith in my humanity by posting the Brits later in the week.

Dave, have faith, they're really not any better, honest.

The Ogre has landed

Well here he is, with the varnish still drying on him, posing in front of the Goblin tribe that he's enslaved. One day he hopes his exploits will attract a better class of scum to his warband, but for the moment he's having to make do with these.


Hmmm, halfway through May and I have now painted more than I've bought, a travesty I say, so in what direction do I now wave the magic paintbrush??? Common sense says to paint those Goblins, but no one ever accused a wargamer of being endowed with too much of that stuff, I think I might just haul out a random single unit of 10mm and get that painted.

Monday, 14 May 2012

I raise you mighty demon, come before me, join me here!!!!

Sorry, just couldnt resist the title, its one line of an old, old Black Sabbath track from my mis-spent youth. But on with the show, I promised my mate Kingsleypark that I'd pop up a piccy of my latest mini, since his last entry was all about his latest rash of painting boobily endowed women. So without further ado, my new demon.

Why a demon when I'm painting WWW2 troops? Well one of the scenarios on their forum has the Germans trying to raise a demon to fight for them, and I also read a nice Song of Blades one where depending on whether your warband is good or evil (who am I kidding, all my warbands are evil) a demon or an angel was being raised. So in short I  needed  wanted a demon so I picked this one from the Reaper catalogue.

On the subject of Reaper minis, could this be their answer to the GW shitecast debacle?

Yeah he is still a bit rough and only half painted, its from Reaper's new Bones line, not metal but polymer, thats a 60mm tall Ogre there and comes in at a whopping £2.20 delivered. Reaper seem to have dropped the ball here, after all when you make the same model (yes he is available in metal) in cheaper material your supposed to increase the price surely???

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

SoTR Update

Been slathering paint about with my usual gay abandon and I thought I'd post the results

The platoon so far, in the front row, a Comanche Light Mech as 1 support option, Liberty as my character choice, the command squad with medic and radio operator upgrades, and finally a HMG. In the second row its 2 combat squads with 2 grunts in each upgraded to a BAR, in one squad the Sarge has taken that upgrade as well. All the upgrades so far have been free upgrades and that lot comes out at 32 points, with the standard game size being 50 points. Ok it all needs flocking and hitting with Dullcote, but I prefer doing that when its all complete, so just enjoy them in their shinyness for now.

So whats to be added? Well you cant have Weird War 2 without some weirdness, so it just has to be "Codename Sarge" a medium sized mech, think "tank on legs" and you have him. That comes in at a whopping 16 points so about the only useful thing I could add would be a 2 man Bazooka section at 2 points and I'm done. I dont have these yet so theyre gonna have to wait until the end of the month now, its the age old question of "Why is there so much month left at the end of the money?"

Thursday, 3 May 2012

I love my postie

Why? Cos this lot arrived today.

More distractions, do I plod on with my SoTR platoon, or do I plonk them on a shelf and make a start on my Orc Raiders? Knowing Mexican Dave's 28mm painting speed, and knowing that he's got at least 23 models to do, even if they arrived on his doormat today I'd estimate about 2-3 months before they hit the table. Yes, he really is that slow, he's very good, but it does take about 3-4 days before he's done a single figure. Me on the other hand am so slap-dash with my painting it tends to go the other way and I tend to get 3 or 4 done a day, as long as I've got my painting head on. Who am I kidding? I'm dying to get going with the Orcy boats, that and knowing full well that they'll be invoved in a clash with Dave's Bone Griffons long before the Armoured Infantry is called on to crush the filthy Hun.