Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Ooops, how did that happen?

Well one minute I'm sitting wondering what to paint next and then this..........

my Dystopian Wars painting backlog. Yeah, yeah, but I can at least claim to be only partly responsible, Xmas from the missus came early. The GW Space Marine is in there for scale, and there are another 8 ships sitting in my shopping cart waiting for payday, I think that lot might take me a little longer than January to paint.

Monday, 10 December 2012

the next of the big 'uns

This one arrived today, a lot earlier than I'd thought it would

I must say that this one isnt big, its a freakin MONSTER, just over 6 inches from stem to stern, but happily it should prove the easiest build of all the carriers so far as it comes in only 2 pieces, main hull and top deck. When you compare that with the British Sky Fortress that came in 19 pieces thats pretty damn good. Oh yeah for anyone not into Dystopian its an American Aircraft Carrier.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Some BIG 'uns

These additions to the French and British fleets arrived today,

and these buggers are BIG, so big that getting them painted is quite daunting, well for me anyway. But I suppose that its going to have to be done and done quickly as there are another 3 on their way, this time American and Japanese. Why American and Japanese, well because I happened to come across an e-mail from Spartan to my missus confirming the order of those two starter fleets, that'll teach her to delete e-mails that she doesnt want me to see.