Friday, 11 February 2011

Show game tryout

We tried out the ACW game tonight, the valaint Union managed to reverse history and beat off a determined Confederate attack. Here's a couple of piccies.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Heavy Metal Arrives

The GZG APCs finally arrived :)

One APC built, 2 more and the tank to go, I like the business like look of that APC. The tank has more options than you can shake a stick at.

Wednesday Morning again 09/02/11

Well, with the wife off babysitting for 3 days, I should have been getting on with some painting, but as you've probably guessed I've been distracted with the new patch in Warcraft. So this is all I got painted this week.

Yeah, I agree a really odd mix, 2 ACW Generals, 3 ACW guns and crews, 13 ships, 24 Shire Bowmen for my War of the Roses lot and a Nun wi a Gun (she belongs to the Sisters of the Nasty Habits).

So Monthly Totals so far are

Bought 102
Painted 52

Friday, 4 February 2011

I hate the internet

It just makes it too easy for me to spend money from the comfort of my living room, I just caved in and bought the rest of my TW/Gruntz force. Another order sent off to Khurasan in New York for 26 figures, that brings the force up to 4 9-man squads, 1 command APC, 3 Assault APCs and a single tank. That should be enough for a decent scrap.

Oh dear thats the buying totals up to 102 for the month :-(

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Dwarf Fleet

These arrived yesterday, on the whole quite happy with them

the only issue with them was one of the frigates had a few air bubbles, all in the same place, right through the gun barrels. It was so bad that one barrel was missing entirely and the other was nearly as bad. A 28mm plastic standard shaft provided replacement barrels, see if you can spot the repair.

So thats another 10 added to the painted this month totals, so now I can get on with painting figures I need for the Cedar Run game, wait, dammit no I cant, I need to paint up the Elfy ships as well.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

February starts

Not with a bang but with a whimper, me and Mexican Dave have been handed the task of doing the KWC show games for this year. Well it's gonna be ACW and the battle of Cedar Run, mostly because that one has a decent mix of troops and with 5 Divisions on the table plenty of scope for multi-player/participation. Just need the club to dig deep and buy some of the terrain we need before the first show. :-)

Still swithering (great word that!) on how I'm going to paint up those Elf boats, so no progress on that front, suggestions welcome.

So progress on the mountain on day 1 of the month is

Painted 24
Bought 76

But in all fairness 62 of those are for the show game, so do they actually count??