Saturday, 20 August 2011

As promised

A quick piccy of the completed Orc horde, thats 2000pts worth.

Now thats got me thinking and lookin at the lists, well long story short, I find I have enough to expand that lot up to 3000pts (BIG battle size), works out to 28 units and 13 characters. For an Orc general keeping that lot under control is going to be a nightmare. I must have a chat with Mexican Dave and see just how big his High Elf force can get up to.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

So whats next?

After finishing a project (like the Turks) I always feel a little deflated, and start wondering what to do next. So after a quick rummage and a lot of "well I really dont wanna do those just now!" I've settled on giving my Warmaster Orcs and Goblins a little painting love. Not least because they are almost at the 2000pt Standard Game size. The list looks a little like this :


4 Units of Orcs           240
4 units of Goblins        120
1 unit of Black Orcs    110
1 unit of Trolls             110
1 unit of Ogres            105
4 units of Wolf Riders  240
3 units of Boar Riders  330
1 Giant                        150
1 Rock Lobber             75

Total                        1480


Orc General                95
Crown of command  100
2 Orc Heroes           160
Orc Shaman               45
2 Goblin Heroes         90
1 Goblin Shaman        30


Any comments on this list would be welcome.

And look forward to a piccy of the completed army in a few days (I only have 2 units to paint, which makes me put on my happy face)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Turkish Project Finished

Well last Saturday just after having my first game of Black Powder (highly enjoyable) I let my mouth run off a bit and volenteered to host a game of If the Lord spares us. Talk about giving yourself the proverbial kick up the ass, there were still a ton of stuff to paint, so I waved my magic paintbrush in their general direction and here's both the Turkish and Imperial brigades, finished at last.

Not too shabby really, two and a half weeks from start to finish.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Update on the Turkish project

Yeah I know I've been a bit quiet so here's what I've managed to get done lately.

So there's still a lot of bare metal glaring at me, but its looking like progress, not good progress I'll grant you, but definitly progress.