Thursday, 18 August 2011

So whats next?

After finishing a project (like the Turks) I always feel a little deflated, and start wondering what to do next. So after a quick rummage and a lot of "well I really dont wanna do those just now!" I've settled on giving my Warmaster Orcs and Goblins a little painting love. Not least because they are almost at the 2000pt Standard Game size. The list looks a little like this :


4 Units of Orcs           240
4 units of Goblins        120
1 unit of Black Orcs    110
1 unit of Trolls             110
1 unit of Ogres            105
4 units of Wolf Riders  240
3 units of Boar Riders  330
1 Giant                        150
1 Rock Lobber             75

Total                        1480


Orc General                95
Crown of command  100
2 Orc Heroes           160
Orc Shaman               45
2 Goblin Heroes         90
1 Goblin Shaman        30


Any comments on this list would be welcome.

And look forward to a piccy of the completed army in a few days (I only have 2 units to paint, which makes me put on my happy face)

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