Thursday, 23 August 2012

1st attempt at a Dux B table

Well I followed the random terrain generation and here's what I came up with

I dont know about you but as a died in the wool 10mm gamer, my selection of 24 inch x 12 inch terrain items was exactly, well Nil. So I found some spare brown felt and chopped that into 5 24x12s, these can be hills (good luck finding 24x12 hills), swamps or woods. The only one of those I do have enought stuff for was woods so thats what they became. Next came the 4 6 x 6inch terrain items these could be lots of interesting things 2 became rocky outcrops (because I had them) and 2 became a farm/hamlet (because I'd just built them).

The interesting thing about this process is that when plonking all this stuff down, a) you dont know what scenario youre playing and b) you also dont know which table edge (or whereabouts on that edge) you'll be coming on/exiting from.

A closer piccy of the 3 dark age buildings I made

The longest bit of building these was waiting for the thatch to dry (3 times each building) but since they cost me exactly nothing I think that theyre ace.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Oh Crappitus!!!!!!!!!!

Well the magic of the interwebz has seduced me yet again into yet another new project, this time its....,.

go here and have a butchers it looks like a barrowload of fun.