Monday, 14 May 2012

I raise you mighty demon, come before me, join me here!!!!

Sorry, just couldnt resist the title, its one line of an old, old Black Sabbath track from my mis-spent youth. But on with the show, I promised my mate Kingsleypark that I'd pop up a piccy of my latest mini, since his last entry was all about his latest rash of painting boobily endowed women. So without further ado, my new demon.

Why a demon when I'm painting WWW2 troops? Well one of the scenarios on their forum has the Germans trying to raise a demon to fight for them, and I also read a nice Song of Blades one where depending on whether your warband is good or evil (who am I kidding, all my warbands are evil) a demon or an angel was being raised. So in short I  needed  wanted a demon so I picked this one from the Reaper catalogue.

On the subject of Reaper minis, could this be their answer to the GW shitecast debacle?

Yeah he is still a bit rough and only half painted, its from Reaper's new Bones line, not metal but polymer, thats a 60mm tall Ogre there and comes in at a whopping £2.20 delivered. Reaper seem to have dropped the ball here, after all when you make the same model (yes he is available in metal) in cheaper material your supposed to increase the price surely???


  1. Very nice Gordon, I like them a lot.

    I must go and visit Reaper's web page. Just for a look of course...

  2. I like Reaper stuff a lot, but their prices are pretty high, too high to build whole armies of, but small SoBH warbands are do-able. Try EvilBay there's a couple of on-line stores there selling pretty much any Reaper figure and the postage is free.

  3. Germans raising a demon and you don't paint a Hellboy type figure Disappointing!

  4. While Hellboy, might have fitted well enough with the Germans, it wouldnt have fitted at all well with the fantasy requirement. AND of course, no BOOBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!