Saturday, 26 May 2012

Still waiting for the postie :(

Well as I'm sitting here just waiting for the first 25 figures for my Soviet platoon to arrive I thought I'd lash the brush onto some backup for the Ogre I bought last month.

Thats an Orge leader, a Bugbear Shaman (yeah he doesnt look intelligent enough, I know) and 5 Gobbo archers, 2 Gobbo Light Infantry and 4 Gobbo Warriors. They'll be shite in battle but at least my recent Skaven warband might have a bit of a chance against them.

As a side note the Bugbear is one I found in a Dungeons and Dragons boardgame I bought years ago on e-bay and typically did nothing with. Looking at that fella, I feel that at least some of the figures might be worth painting.

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