Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Ogre has landed

Well here he is, with the varnish still drying on him, posing in front of the Goblin tribe that he's enslaved. One day he hopes his exploits will attract a better class of scum to his warband, but for the moment he's having to make do with these.


Hmmm, halfway through May and I have now painted more than I've bought, a travesty I say, so in what direction do I now wave the magic paintbrush??? Common sense says to paint those Goblins, but no one ever accused a wargamer of being endowed with too much of that stuff, I think I might just haul out a random single unit of 10mm and get that painted.


  1. Thanks Dave, looks even better now the varnish has dried and I found a base to stick him down to.

    Did you find any interesting figures in the Reaper store?

    1. Some nice looking stuff. Can't believe the Ogre is only $2.49!

      What sort of postage do they charge to ship to the UK?

  2. try this link Dave

    the postage is (GASP!!!) Free

    Not the entire range but if they dont have something I believe that they can source it for you