Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A quick Yankee roll call for Saturday

Well, finally got round to doing the flags on these guys, so we can run them out on Saturday.

Thats 10 infantry units a unit of cavalry and a field gun, unfortunatly Dave is gonna look at the position of those flags and his head will hang low. As in Dave's favourite, Civil War Battles, in Washingtons Army the position of the flag/command base signifies the training of the unit, easy way to remember it is Right is Might. Flag on the right=veteran unit, flag in the middle=average unit, flag on the left=basically untrained rabble of a unit. A good few on the left and the rest are in the middle. I'll try to restore Dave's faith in my humanity by posting the Brits later in the week.

Dave, have faith, they're really not any better, honest.


  1. Is that those Dragoons I painted for you at last getting ready for Battle?

  2. Yeah theyre due a good thumping on Saturday, the stupid thing is apart from sticking a half dozen flags on both sides have been finished for about 3 months.