Wednesday, 9 May 2012

SoTR Update

Been slathering paint about with my usual gay abandon and I thought I'd post the results

The platoon so far, in the front row, a Comanche Light Mech as 1 support option, Liberty as my character choice, the command squad with medic and radio operator upgrades, and finally a HMG. In the second row its 2 combat squads with 2 grunts in each upgraded to a BAR, in one squad the Sarge has taken that upgrade as well. All the upgrades so far have been free upgrades and that lot comes out at 32 points, with the standard game size being 50 points. Ok it all needs flocking and hitting with Dullcote, but I prefer doing that when its all complete, so just enjoy them in their shinyness for now.

So whats to be added? Well you cant have Weird War 2 without some weirdness, so it just has to be "Codename Sarge" a medium sized mech, think "tank on legs" and you have him. That comes in at a whopping 16 points so about the only useful thing I could add would be a 2 man Bazooka section at 2 points and I'm done. I dont have these yet so theyre gonna have to wait until the end of the month now, its the age old question of "Why is there so much month left at the end of the money?"

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