Friday, 1 April 2011

Another Month, Another Project

Yep as I stated in yesterday's post, I have today taken the plunge into Weird War 2, now 28mm is a scale that I normally abhor, but this seems like my kinda game. Its a skirmishy kinda game with the turn not being the Evil Empire's "I'm gonna move all my guys, then I'm gonna shoot with all my guys, then I'm gonna assault with all my guys" it's a much more reasonable alternate unit activation type game. Anyone familiar with Stargrunt 2 will be comforable with this, it's a system that I like as it forces you to actually think a bit, do I use this unit now, or do I wait and see what he's gonna do with his unit right in front of it?

What I bought just to get started was this

Wayland games have put together bundles of a decent starter pack, a character model and a rulebook, ok Wayland charge postage whereas the likes of Maelstrom dont, I did check and even with the postage I'd have been short of the £3.60 character model If I'd gone anywhere else. So if this is interesting you, do check out Waylands bundles.


  1. Gordon, I'm going to borrow the rule book tomorrow from my pal, Alan, so I'll bring it along for you to get an advance peak.

    Ruarok is already saying he's playing the Russians

  2. Btw I hope you ordered through the link on my blog! That order would bring me £2.50 in gold!

  3. Just been looking at the Russians one and only vehicle, its freaking scary, and its £36 :O

    I take it you're going Germans then if Ruarok is going Russian? Dammit, you get all the cool stuffm :( Vampires, Zombies and Werewolves, plus loads of vehicles, 7 so far.

    I have to admit though, the Russian power armour's more what im going for, it just looks awwwwesome.
    And dad a German? if i ever see the day, i'm giving up vodka :L