Tuesday, 5 April 2011

And they shall know no fear!

So what have I been up to, well painting up a couple of command units for the Empra's finest
Mexican Dave's challenged me to a 5000pt scrap using FWC rules and his newly finished Dino Riders. Since theyre (to me at least) an unknown quantity, I thought I'd better field my hardest army, da Space Marines. The big downside of these guys should be quite apparent, you just never seem to get enough of them. So what have I included?

3 HQs
2 FAOs
3 Land Speeders (the eyes and ears of the HQs)
6 Whirlwinds (you can never have too much arty dropping)
9 Land Raiders (tanky goodness)
6 Devastators (on foot, but with a 100cm range, they dont need to move much)
6 Tacticals
6 Rhinos (the Tacticals taxis)
6 Assault Marines
1 Dropship (the Assault guys taxi)
1 Walker (after all you really cant play Sci-Fi without some stompy robot goodness)

Comments on this troop mix welcome.


  1. Is that 5000 points worth????
    Wow - they are expensive to field.

    I do like the dropship though. Old Cro model is that right?

  2. Yeah Dave thats the Old Crow one, I went a little mad and bought 2 of them, well they are only six quid each.