Saturday, 9 April 2011

9th April

Well hows the painting going?

So far this month its

Bought 26, well 4 were a present so they dont actually count so 22

Painted 26 and a right eclectic mix at that 21 Roman Auxillia, an Elf Cruiser, 3 Battletech Mechs and my Blood Angel's CO pimped.

So all in all this month I'm already "in profit" with regard to the lead mountain, just as well really as I've just started building the 4 Hordes figures, and I'll say this about them, they are a bloody nightmare to build.Why of why didnt I go for Warmachine where I could have gotten injection plastic Warjacks, I mean come on 17 parts for 1 figure is really just taking the piss, but I'll keep at it and they will be built, and a coat of paint slapped on them. Secrets of the Third Riech arrived this morning as well, I think I'll use these as a relief break from doing the Hordes figures, pretty much 3 parts to each figure, body, head, and gun. Nice and straightforward, also the paint job is straightforward as well, I started on the Skorne Warlock, black undercoat, Mechrite red over all the armour, 3 more coats of Blood red, some flesh, now I'm picking out all the armour edges in gold, and believe me, there are a  LOT of edges. I think its not how many of these I can get done in a day its more how many days to get 1 done in. So I'm quite looking forward to a nice simple US army paint job.


  1. Simple paintjob? That's a figment of imagination, nothings ever simple in painting figures, of course we could always use a pot of emulsion and dip them in like my Mrs always says!!

  2. Well that's 26 more than me Gordon!

  3. Well Ray if you check out the paint scheme on the Warlock in my last post (the wee guy with the big claws) a WW2ish US uniform is a breeze to paint.