Sunday, 24 April 2011

Whoot!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!

Yep now this is one that I've been waiting for for literally years. What on earth is he wittering on about now, well to see what all the excitement is about, just follow this link.

Now all we need is some Opel Blitz models.


  1. The thing Armourfast have on their side is that you get 2 kits which for the price is phenomenal! The models aren't too bad either. Pity they're too small for 28mm.

  2. That only proves your playing it in the wrong scale :P

    Everyone knows that WW2 was fought in 20mm, well having said that, Weird War II was fought in 28mmm and big tanky engagements in 10mm. Oooo-errr-missus, now I'm confused.