Monday, 25 April 2011

2 squads done :)

First up some SoTR progress, thats the 1st squad completed
and next up the 1st British Rifle Section for Force on Force

even painted up some heavy support for them.

Force of Force should be a doddle to get going in, as its pretty much based around a platoon on the table for both side. A platoon for pretty much everyone seems to be a command section and 3 10-12 man squads, obviously there will be times when you'll need a vehicle or two but thats about the whole game.

For the opposition, Mexican Dave is gonna be doing them, he went off home happy yesterday with a box of my Valiant Classic German Infantry clutched in his sweaty little mitt. There should be more than enough in that box to knock out a platoon and some supports. Easy paint job, hope he doesnt do his usual and paint on every single little detail, I'd much rather that they got a simple paint job and onto the table quickly rather that a super-detailed paint job and we see them in 6 months time.


  1. Looking good Gordon. What are the buildings in the background? They look quite smart as well.

    Ruarok has a platoon or 2 of Valiant Germans painted up if u want to get a game played quickly.

  2. Buildings are Italeri kits Dave, about a tenner a go, they have a few now, with different paint jobs you could build a decent sized village without breaking the bank.

    Might borrow those Germans, to try out the rules, think I have about 14 Brits to paint for the 1st scenario, so maybe about the middle of the month. I'd say this Saturday but me and Dave are booked up for a game of Hordes/Warmachine.

  3. I did wonder if they were italeri buildings. I've got one as well and will need to buy some more I think