Monday, 25 April 2011

Force on Force

Well I read the scenario, and decided to try laying it out on my 5 x 5 table, I noticed that a LOT of hedges were gonna be needed, so I chopped what was left of my doormat into 1" wide strips. I managed to get 20 feet of "hedge" that way and proceeded to lay out the table.
As you can see 20 feet just wasnt enough, I had to resort to using some bushes to fill in what was missing. Looks like another visit to Tescos to get another doormat..

The Scenario is quite simple really, Jerry has to sweep through the white building, the hill behind it and the farmhouse, then back to his own lines (the table edge closest to you). Brits on the other hand have to escort an observer to any one of those places and have him there for 2 turns. Sounds simple enough, until you find out you only have 8 turns, and both sides objectives conflict. There's gonna be tears before bedtime I think.


  1. Are you going to paint the hedges Gordon? They look quite good in their natural colour

  2. was thinking of maybe just a swipe over the top with some green, new growth perhaps, if I ever find the time that is.

  3. looks good Gordon are you bringing it to the club on saturday wouldn't mind a look.

    The Bug Un