Monday, 18 April 2011

18th April

Well with all the weekends shenanigans, crushing Lizard armies etc, there wasnt too much progress on the painting front, but for your delectation here's what little did get done.
Thats the first squads BAR gunners done now.

and here's whats still to be done to complete the squad.

The "cunning" master plan is to do just enough to play the Brainwurst scenario from the book, that requires a 12 man squad of GIs on the "good guys" side and a zombie horde on the "bad guys" side. Since I'm strapped for cash until the end of the month, I cant order up the horde until then, and as I expect delivery will be about a week from then, that gives me about 3 weeks to get these guys done, piece of cake!

The only other stuff I got done over the weekend was to build 10 GW Chaos Marines, that had been lurking in a box on my desk for about a year, they take up a lot less room now that theyre built, now theyre shoved into the 28mm odds'n'sods drawer where they'll remain (probably forever).

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