Sunday, 17 April 2011

Saturday 16th April's game

Well I did say that I wasn't gonna crow about this one, but what the hell, Mexican Dave posted about it on his blog, so here goes.

Emperor : BA Commander, I thought i asked you for some piccies of your forces progress on that Lizard planet.

BA Commander : Well Guv, it's like this, we saw them coming out of the jungle, and I thought that I had plenty of time to get yer piccies, so I nipped out of the Land Raider for a quick fag. By the time I got back all I could see was a few stragglers running back into the jungle, and a hell of a lot of roasted meat on the battlefield. Honest Guv, I was only gone for a minute.

Well, comedy aside that had to be the shortest FWC game in history, the Whirlwinds more than paid for their inclusion in the force, dropping rockets over large chunks of the table, either suppressing of just plain killing lots of Dinos, that and the Land Raiders mopping up anything that was still standing just plain put a stop to any forward movement on Dave's part. But the final straw was the dropship landing on Dave's suppressed and wounded CO (killing him) and the disgorging Assault troopers killing everything in range, left a huge hole in the centre of the Dino lines. At the start of turn 3 Dave had to do a command roll to keep fighting (taken on one of his HQs obviously) at -2, predictably he failed. Game over, Marine casualties are reported to be light.


  1. Gordon,

    Do you have any piccies at all?

    I took some at the start of your game so can send them on if you wish