Thursday, 31 March 2011

The end of March

Well folks thats March done now, I dont think I'll be painting any more figures this month, so here's the totals.

Painted 42

Bought 142

Whoa!!!!!!!! That looks like an increase in the lead pile, but if you remember what I said at the start of the month, all purchases this month were pre-painted, so in reality that amount of painting wiped out last months shortfall and chipped a little off the mountain, so still going in the right direction.

I've been good for too long now, one of my New Years Resolutions was that I wouldnt start a new project until I had finished 2 old ones, well so far I have completed 3, Aeronef, Land Ironclads and the Andryadans. So whats gonna be my new project?????

This!!!!!!! Been doing some reading and looking and I'm liking what I've been seeing, its a platoon sized game (so no having to paint 100s of figs), its alternate squad activations (like Stargrunt II), its WW2(ish) with just the merest hint of mayhem in the shape of vampires, werewolves, zombies and Mechs. Its not that dear until you get into the big Mechs like the Tiger Mech, imagine a Tiger 1 with some legs standing about 10" tall on the battlefield. Now wipe up that drool now. Also recommends using some of the 1:48th Corgi diecasts and other "standard" WW2 minis and equipment, so no GW "yer can only play this game with our minis, or else!" nonsense. Yeah so I'm thinking about blowing some of Aprils drinking and smoking budget in the direction of a starter platoon and a set of rules.


  1. Gordon - my mate, Alan, has a pile of these figures as well as the rules. I have been desperately trying not to like them

    Looks like Weird War is coming!!!!

  2. Gordon, concerning the price of some of these, I've been thinking if I DO get into this... I might use a Bandai HG VOTOMS kit instead... any objections? They're anime-esque enough for me, and tank-y enough for this game I reckon!

  3. There are rules about making your own Mechs in the book Graeme. All the points costs for Chassis, Weapons, Armour, speed etc are there. The chances of getting any of these uber-Mechs on the table is pretty limited anyway. The way to go is the light Mechs like the US Commanche, basically a guy in dreadnaught armour. Me I'm considering painting up a spare GW Dread as a medium Mech.