Thursday, 3 March 2011

Clicky Madness

I just won the auction on evil-bay for my mecha clickys, here's what I got

26 Mechs
17 Tanks
29 Infantry

Not a bad lot for £20, it was £10.50 until about 15 seconds before the end then the bids flew in, going up in £3 increments, but I suppose the dealer (or whoever) just couldnt get the bids in quick enough. I'm quite happy apart from the fact that its all one faction, well almost, its mostly the Swordsworn faction who according to Battletech fluff are loyal to House Davion. Guess what the rest consist of? Yep, House Davion, so I suppose that there will be a lot of "training exercises" at least for a while.


  1. Will you be able to use the stuff with your 6mm Gordon, or is this venturing into a new scale?

  2. Well the nominal scale is 1:160th which is about 10mm, but seeing as I've got a good sized load of it and the rules to go with them, I probably wont be using much of it with the 6mm.