Friday, 11 March 2011

Clickys first outing

Well I thought the missus is out, next club night is next week, so I thought I'd try out the clickys before I inflict them on Mexican Dave.

The battlefield in all its glory.

Rebellious Swordsword turn up to claim the city and all the wealth it produces.

House Davion decides to contest the claim.

Swordsworn win the "I go first roll"

and power up 4 of their 5 Mechs, since this was a 600pt battle their were 4 orders per side per turn.

the Mechs all move maximum distance forward, the order markers are flipped to red. (they've had an order and executed it)

House Davion activate a heavy tank, 2 Mechs and their VTOL.

Swordsworn decide to be conservative and only activate their remaining 2 units and not "push" the previously activated Mechs.

Hiding behind the buildings

House Davion acivate their remaining units and decide to "push" (their luck) with their main Mech

Ooooh, lots of shooting to come here.

cant be bothered going through the rest of the piccies, but here's what it looked like at "time up", well 60 mins after the start. Looks like a decisive win for House Davion.


  1. Is that because House Davion were so good or because Swordsworn were so crap or a combination of the 2??

  2. Bit of both really Dave, that and not having a clue whats what with each of the Mechs, its also compounded by HD having much less choice in the forces that they can field. All the HD Mechs are heavys, only a few vehicles etc.

    BUT one thing I did do wrong in that game was allow the Mechs to shoot at the little VTOL fighter. Only units with AA can shoot at those, and with a 20" move its quite easy for the VTOL to get round the back of the Mechs and "shoot-em-up-the-ass" where even its moderate attack value can really sting. Now that I know this its time to rake through the SS box looking for summat to shoot this thing down.