Saturday, 12 March 2011

Easter arrives early

Whoot!!!! My overly generous missus has been at it again, she's seen me working on easing of some of the clicky infantry bases (some were so tight that I needed to use a screwdriver to get them to turn) and asked "what are those?". So long story short, these are winging their way across the pond to me.
So another small faction for the Mecha wars, to be honest when I saw what she'd paid for it I didnt have the heart to tell here that she'd paid a quid less for this lot than I paid for the Swordsworn horde, which I suppose just shows what a bargain that lot was. But when I asked her why she chose these ones the reply was that they looked "neater" than the other lots. And when my missus uses neat, she doesnt mean cool/funky/rad she means neat & tidy. But looking at the piccy I also think they look neat, but in a funky way, yes I am looking forward to these arriving.

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  1. Your missus is a queen among wargaming widows Gordon. If my missus asks anything about my figures it's usually as a prelude to asking "How much did they cost???".
    And as for buying anything war-game related without me asking- well that won't happen in my lifetime