Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Clickys arrive

Well I'm a happy bunny this morning, the clicky mechs arrived about 10am, so do I think I have enough?

Well, considering that the piece of painted ply that theyre standing on is the standard battlefield I'd say that the Swordsworn (the mass on the left) are more than adequate. House Davion (the little mob on the right) I might purchase a few more for them.

Ok Dave M asked me a question about the scale of these things

Nominally the scale is about 10mm, but just for Dave here's a GW Titan, a Mech and a 28mm Space Marine, ok that IS my biggest Mech but the size is nice.

So hows the painting, to be honest, if I let Mexican Dave loose on these I have no doubt that he could improve on the pre-painted look, but its more than adequate. Here's a few random Mechs

and a few random tanks

So what's my impressions? To me this looks like a total one-buy gaming system for a mere £20, yeah I'll play this, the rules look like they'll provide just enough detail to satisfy an old Battletech player without all those awful sheets lying around everywhere. They also look very tactical as there's only so many actions that you can carry out each turn. Will I buy more of these? I think I just might, one of my wargames clubs niggles with the whole game when it was in production was that it came blind-boxed, so that you could be building say a Highlander army and your booster pack didnt have a single unit in it for Highlanders. While I appreciate the whole "collectable" thing, I much prefer it now as at least on evil-bay you normally get a look at what youre buying, so if there aint anything in the lot you want, you dont buy it.

Now to have a heavy dose of "looking-at" to decide what my next faction will be.......


  1. I'm pretty sure Gateshead Games carry a load of these figs on their trade stand so you might want to drop them a line to see what they can bring along to Carronade and Wappinshaw (assuming Wappinshaw has moved back to it's usual April date)

  2. Played a 600 pt solo game today, these rules/minis rock, game seems slow until you realise that youre seeing it in sorta 30 second slices. It seems strange at first that you can EITHER move OR fire, but when you realise that youre being forced into playing a VERY short segment of time, it all falls into place.