Monday, 28 March 2011


Well my MW Age of Destruction starter pack arrived this morning and here's what was in it, meet the Gunslingers.

Yep Mechs for hire, roughly 2 300pt forces of mercenaries.

Also Graham was round this afternoon for a quick run through of the rules, what he noticed when having a look at this lot was that the blueish Mech when clicked the stats didnt line up at all on the dial. I took the base apart and found that the dial had been glued on with the "clicky-peg" lined up with the wrong stat number. Its fixed now Graham, shaved the whole peg off with a scalpel and glued in a sliver of hard plastic spear shaft in the right place.

And yet more re-enforcements, this time from the collection of Graham.

plus this Hoverbike, Graham pointed the problem out as he was using one in this afternoon's game

the observant amongst you will have spotted the problem right away,you cant actually see the bloody dial. The quick and dirty solution was, bung it in the freezer fr a couple of hours (makes the superglue joint brittle) quick press of the knife across the base and glue half of a flying stand shaft in there.

Much Better!!!

More insane ramblings very soon.


  1. I am well and truly thankful that this is a game that I have absolutely no desire to play.

    You guys seem to have been totally sucked in by it.

    Hope you enjoy!!

  2. no desire to play. YET!!!!!

    Its sci-fi, its pre-painted, its fun, yes, you do have to roll dice, BUT, because nearly all rolls are 3d6 the rolls kinda average out.

    You will end up trying it Dave, you know you will, trust me its much better than Dirtside II.