Tuesday, 1 March 2011

March starts

Well I hope I perform a bit better this month, Febs totals were 102 bought, 72 painted, so a little hiccup there. The good news is that any I buy this month will be pre-paints, so a totally null effect on the lead mountain. Why pre-paints I hear you ask (well I dont obviously, but it sounded good), I had the misfortune a little while ago of looking around for a not-Titan for one of my 6mm sci-fi armies and stumbled across some really funky Battletech Mechs. Theyre the out of production clicky variety as opposed to the white metal variety still sold by Minifigs and Iron Wind, so they come all painted up for you. Theres a couple of job lots on evil-bay just now that I'm watching and if I win one of those I may indeed have a bash at Wizkids cut down rules, failing that, I'll just be buying a couple of singles, prying them off their clicky bases and using them in FWC.

1 comment:

  1. Nothing wrong with pre-paints Gordon. Anything to keep the unpainted pile of lead down!