Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Spirit Cats have arrived :)

Well the title says it all, the Spirit Cats have landed. I'm quite happy with the missus's purchase as not only did I get just under a 1000pts worth of those guys but I found that I got as well what looks like quite a rarity.

Notice that the base isnt the usual black or Grey (rare) but bronzey-gold, thats a limited edition (dont ask me how limited) but with the pilot card that is the entirity of the Comstar faction. But looking at the points values, 277 for the Mech and another 49 for the pilot thats a large chunk of change for using in a "standard" 450pt game. So as nice as it is to get this LE Mech I dont think it'll see that much action, its just too high cost, but if I ever try out a 6ft battlefield with 900 or 1200 pt game, it'll be dusted off and leading the charge.

1 comment:

  1. Is it possibly a prome figure Gordon? No doubt there will be some on Ebay that will confirm how much gold it's worth. And if there are none then that would suggest they are quite rare cos everyone will be hanging on to theirs!!!