Saturday, 14 May 2011

Black Friday indeed!!!!

Friday the 13th lived up to it's reputation for me at least, started well enough by finding a lot on e-bay of 10 Epic Eldar grav tanks (quite nicely painted) sitting with no bids at 0.99p, so I just had to put in a cheeky wee £1 bid. So after lunch I thought I'd check on how I was doing and lo and behold, I'd won them. I then went off to do some painting and later on nearer tea-time I thought I'd just go and give the chappy his quid. Thats when it all started going pear-shaped, my computer quite unexpectedly informed me that I "was not connected to the internet" For those of you who know me thats like being told that my house is an air free zone. I thought about it and blamed the network cable, 2 cables later and it was dawning on me the horrible truth, it wasnt the cables it was the network port in my computer. Ok, I thought, clutching my towel to my chest, dont panic, I had a USB wireless dongle kicking about in my desk drawer, I'll just plug that in. Well try as I might that little bugger just wouldnt work with Windows 7. A few phone calls to the local PC shops later and I was kicking myself for buying the neat little space saver tower as getting a network card that would physically fit into the slimline case wasn't gonna be a quick jaunt down to the shop before they closed. Then like an epiphany my wonderful missus chimes in with the comment "Why not just get a whole new tower?" So instead of sitting at a 2.5 Ghz Dual-CPU machine I find myself waffling away on a 3.2 Ghz Quad-CPU machine, yes its spiffy, yes its a lot faster, but its going to take me weeks to get it the way I want it, i.e. the way the old one was.

So basically, instead of the next whole lot of months purchasing for wargaming, I now have a new 'puter'.

In some ways happy, it is faster and should run my other addiction, World of Warcraft a whole heap smoother, but in other ways sad, I'm skint and will stay that way for a good while.

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