Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The start of the new beginning

Ok the title is kinda strange, but its a follow on from a previous post, I intended to start doing what I stated earlier, i.e. get something finished, next month, but I've decided to make a start now.

So what am I forcing myself to get done?

Its a very large Full Thrust spacefleet with a couple of smaller pirate fleets as well, I must have bought this lot at least 2 years ago, its time they were done.

I think the main problem I had finishing them was quite simply the rules, we had planned on using GZG free Full Thrust rules, but they turned out to be clunky in the extreme. They would be fine if you were just using 2 or 3 ships, but as you can see that wasnt quite what we were looking for. So for want of a decent set of rules for large fleets these have been lying in that state for 2 years. Well, no longer, this is the first project that I will complete before I flit onto whatever shiny thing catches my eye next.


  1. Very cool. For inspiration might I suggest a quick Google of the ships in Mobile Suit Gundam, and of course The Nadesico? :D