Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Not bad for a quid.

Title says it all really, these little fellas, already painted, for 99p from E-Bay.
Not too badly painted either, some sort of Legion of the Damned kinda thing going on there. Dont quite know what I'm gonna use these in or as, I really, really dont want to start a Not-Eldar army for FWC. But I'm not averse to starting yet another FWC army so above I see a battalion of Grav Tanks with a command vehicle, thats always a good start, add in a giant-stompy-robot (a Not-Titan), some Adler hi-tech infantry, and you have the core of a decent army, and all for under a quid.


  1. Or you can use for a couple of squadrons of Frigates in whatever spaceship game you eventually decide to play!

  2. Too late already started slapping that paint job on some Rhinos.