Sunday, 22 May 2011

Oh for Fuzzcakes!!!!!!!!!

Well looks like I'm gonna have to stop sneering at GW fanboys for at least a little while. Why?? Well my darling missus has seen me fiddling about with fantasy figures for the last week or two, so, today while she was in town, went into GW and bought me this!

Its because she's taking her mother off to Spain for a week and wont be back on my birthday, so its an early present. At worst, its two more warbands for SBH, at best, well, I'll read through the rules, probably not with an open mind, and see if theyre playable. And before you ask Dave I will not be investing in any stupid codexes or whatever the fantasy equivelant is called.



  1. I would by lying if I didn't admit I am sitting here roaring my head off!!!

    And there are apparently some pdf versions of Army Books circulating the net - just don't tell GW!!

  2. Well, what can you say, everyone wishes that they had a missus like mine, starts you on new and unexpected projects at the drop of a hat.

    But I will say this, the figures in that box are, well just plain amazing, very, very few duplicates.

  3. And yes Dave, a couple of PDFs found their way onto my hard drive via the miracle that is E-Mule.

  4. (points at Gordon)