Wednesday, 4 May 2011

and yet more SBH

Just won this lot of PMT bitches on e-bay, another fiver, another warband

with a little paint these should look ok, I hope..............


  1. An interesting looking bunch!!

  2. Warhammer figures? SRSLY?

    They be the old '80s Marauder ones am I right? I always preferred Marauder's beefier Skaven Stormvermins to Citadel's wimpy ones. Fine for the regular scruffs but not for the elites.

  3. Yeah they be Marauder figs, I noticed that when I was rebasing them on circular bases for SBH, not strictly necessary but what the hell. The first warband to feel the wrath of Gordon's paintbrush is gonna be the Glade Guard, not only because there's only 5 of them but because they are great figures as well.