Sunday, 8 May 2011

Carronade 2011

Well yesterday myself and Mexican Dave went off to Carronade kindly transported there by Kingsleypark (da uvver Dave), within a minute of entering the building I was parted with some of my spending cash. Well I was intending to buy the Wargames Factory Shock Troopers anyway for SoTR and there they were, a bashed box of them at a mere tenner, sorry couldnt resist it was just one of those "must have" moments.

The show continued to provide me with wallet opening temptations when one trader was unloading his stock of Bolt Action plastic Germans at again another tenner, Mexican Dave's resistance crumbled at that trader and he purchased some Plastic Soldier Russians (20mm) for the princely sum of six quid.

So all in all I was well chuffed that was 43 SoTR troops bought for only £20, but the show was to provide me with more horrors as Cavilier Books had the audacity to be carrying 2 of my other things on my wish list, WF's Amazons and Orcs, well after parting with another £30 for those my wallet was looking a little aenemic. but thankfully Pendraken didnt have the War of the Roses Lancastrians with them so that was my saving grace for the day.

Mexican Dave on the other hand since he'd bought the Russians had the misfortune to stumble onto not only the Heavy Weapons pack but also the 3 pack of T34s, and being the book addict he is he found about a dozen Ospreys as well, so we came back from the show with well depleted wallets, but 2 happy wargamers.

I also found on arriving home that the postie had been kind enough to deliver 2 of my E-bay purchases, the Glade Guard and the Witch Elves, so the Songs of Blades and Heroes project now looks like this.

Since Kingslypark is currently building an Orc and Goblin army for Warhamster I thought I'd treat him to some piccies over the coming weeks of the WF Orcs to help him decide if he wanted to go down the WF route to bulk his boyz up,

as normal with WF all the sprues stack neatly and clip together, but a thought passed through my brain, why is the Amazon box so much bigger????

Oh, Dear!!!! That look like a pretty complicated bunch of building, I think these will be the last batch built, lots and lots of tiny bits.

And lastly a test shot of how well the WF Shock Troops match up with the metal West Wind troops.

Oh taller and beefier, but at first glance the Bolt Action figures look a little smaller and slimmer that works for me, not everyone is a 6ft muscle bound giant the same as not everyone is a 5 foot 6 anoerexic.


  1. Yes definitely interested in seeing those Wargames Factory Orcs Gordon, so get to it!

  2. Well the running order for getting all those built is

    Shock Troopers (done)
    Glade Guard (in progress)
    German Infantry

    So expect more piccies early on in the week

  3. The shock troops look great- really sinister. Based on another anime series I believe, called Jin Roh. Pretty good film actually set in a Japan in an alternative universe (I think Germany won WWII and it's all military states and stuff... I'd have to go back and watch it, but it's quite powerful).

  4. By the way mate, you might want to hop over to Artizan to check out some of the Pulp figures they have in their Thrilling Tales line: Panzerbots and Nachjagers. Might be of interest.