Thursday, 12 May 2011


Again apologies for the fact that space is green, but to be honest I cba to clear the table dig out the black drape just to snap a couple of picces. These are the 2 small pirate fleets for my Italians to chase about, if I ever find a set of rules that I fancy. They wont win any painting prizes, but they are at last ready to rumble.


  1. These are all from SD3000! The green are Quellaris and I can't remember the others name at the mo!

  2. Yup you are right Neil, they are all SD3000 models, but having seen the size of the FSE chasing them I think they can be called "scrap" very soon!

    The models at the front are Talliscian

  3. Thats the ones! I was going to get that fleet but they were out of stock