Saturday, 21 May 2011

Just for Kingsleypark

I've been slathering a lot of paint about this week and some of it landed on the Wargames Factory Orcs

Not very good paint jobs you'll agree, but one of the reasons for posting this piccy is to warn Dave M off from buying these. The main problem I found with them is the arms, they've really tried to make these all things to all men, and it really hasnt worked. Mostly what you end up with are some goofy looking poses, the right arms arent too bad apart from the fact that all and sundry look like theyre about to drop their weapons. What is worse is the left arms, WF have tried to give the option of dual weilding figures, so ALL left arms have an open hand. Whats really wrong with that is that all these arms end up at an angle away from the body, so no sheilds tucked in nice and tight as you would like, and because of the angle the open hand is very visible. So will I be buying any more of these fellas??? Answer is a definite NO!!


  1. Thanks for the warning Gordon. It's a shame as I do like the look of some of them and some of the heads have a sort of oriental look about them. But I'll definitely not be buying any of those!

  2. That's a real shame because they'e one of the only orcs that actually look like orcs and not shaved green cartoon gorillas :(