Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Unboxing AWACS

Oh, deep joy, the postie just chapped the door with a parcel for me,

thats an awful lotta stamps, never mind the stamps he says, lets look at whats inside.

well, fairly obviously the game box and a wee present from the designer, a medal for all us pre-orderers. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yadda, yadda, yadda, enough yakking whats inside the game box?

This lot, a (very) thin rule book, double sided counter sheet, quick reference sheet for all the toys in the game, bag of bases, bag of dice and the necessary bag of toys.

the bag of toys tipped out

and sorted out, so whats there?

5 M1A1 tanks for teh US
5 Scud Launchers
10 T72s
10 AA tanky things
6 Mig 21s
4 Mig 29s
6 Mirages
6 F16s
4 F15s
4 A10s
2 F117s

62 models in all, should keep me busy mounting and painting for quite a while, I started on 5 aircraft for one of the scenarios and a couple of things hit me right away, one is that 32 of the bases come pre-drilled, sorry but that was a blunder, the holes are just too damn big, somewhere between 1.5 and 2mm. Way too big for a 1:600 aircraft, so I'm drillling the vehicle bases with 1mm holes. Second thing was that the metal is way harder than anything I've encountered before. I'll probably do another post when I've got summat painted and had them on the table.


  1. Yes please!
    I bought that set too, but I have no idea about how to base the planes.
    Tutorial requiered!


  2. Just as well you caught me at the stage I'm at, I've got just 9 of the planes to do :)

    I'll take some piccies of how I'm doing mine