Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Just for Slorm

Slorm asked how I was mounting my AWACS planes so here's how I did it

Step 1, using one of the predrilled bases as a guide, drill a 1mm hole through one of the non-drilled bases

Step 2, cut a 2" length of 1mm wire, I use some florists wire that I bought years ago, about 100 feet for £1.50

Step 3, glue the wire into the base

Step 4, trim the wire so that there's about 1" left above the base

Step 5, pick your plane and locate the tiny mounting hole in it

Step 6, enlage that hole to 1mm, a couple of mm deep is more than enough

Step 7, a spot of superglue on the wire and push gently into the hole

Step 8, wave your favourite paintbrush in its general direction and your good to go.

repeat 31 more times. Warning the metal on these is very hard so take care when drilling, and get lots of little blobs of blue-tac ready for mounting those missile dice.


  1. Perfect!
    As clear as useful!

    Let's start to base them

  2. I hve a sneaky idea I might be playing this in a week.

    In the meantime waving my paint brush in the general direction of some 6mm Kraytonians.