Monday, 30 April 2012

SoTR Platoon just got a bit bigger

Well thanks to a lucky spot on evil-bay, my platoon just got that much bigger thanks to these guys

Okay I dont really need another command squad but a 12 man combat squad already assembled and primed is always good. These figures really are a pain to assemble with their seperate heads and weapons. Oh and the price was nice as well, just £12.

Havent totted up the points yet but that gives me a command squad, 2 full combat squads, 2 support units (a HMG and a light Mech) and one character. Talking of characters, I havent had the heart to break it to Mexican Dave yet, he ordered 2 characters with his initial purchase, sorry mate, the limit is 1 per platoon.

I did some thinking (yes!!! that was what the noise was), for a small skirmish game you can fit an awful lot of figures on the table, take these yanks, minimum of 1 command squad, 7 figures, between 1 and 4 combat squads, take 4 and thats another 48 figures, take 3 HMGs as supoports thats another 9 and of course your single character, thats a whopping 65 figures in a platoon. I dont think that any platoon got anywhere near that in real life.

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