Sunday, 22 April 2012

And yet another new project

Given the rash of new 15mm plastic releases by PSC and Wargames Factory started me musing again about Flames of War, this was a game I had in 15mm a good while ago but due to the rather pricey minis I gave up on and got rid of. So at the club last night I got chatting to Mexican Dave, who rather liked the game the couple of times we played it, it could have been the thought of all that plasticy goodness that put him off flying his planes right, who knows. Lets just say that his hopes of two victories in a row were soon dashed. Meanwhile back here in the man-cave, common sense has broken out, Flames of War, fine, 15mm, not so fine. I thought about it and came to the conclusion that really, doing it in 15mm was going to be pretty silly. I already have 6 10mm WW2 armies, all painted up, that and the fact after perusing the FoW Ostfront book, the plasticy goodness is actually a bit sparse on the bits and bobs needed, I've decided to just do it in 10mm. Just my luck the Pendraken site is down, the server is sick apparently, so I cant get planning any purchases, but the gypsy side of me is seeing lots of green tanks in my future.

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