Thursday, 26 April 2012

10mm Flames of War update

Well I was having a look at the Fortress Europe book and it looks like the quickest way to get a game on the table (using my existing armies) is to field a tank company per side. Then I had a look at what support/weapons attachments they could take. Ended up with a Panzer Kompanie (mixed) with a Panzergrenadier platoon to back them up, and for the Yanks, they got a weakish Tank Company, a Mechanised Infantry platoon and a battery of Priests to spread all that HE goodness around. So how much do I have to buy/paint to get that on the table, well, buy, NOTHING! Paint, not too much, this lot really....

Shouldnt take that long really :)


  1. So is that BKCII being consigned to the rulebook graveyard?

  2. Never, this is simply because Dave liked FoW, its aimed at a different level of game, its supposedly a reinforced company game. Looking through the lists of what you can add to a basic company though, the ripe smell of Camember (spelling) is thick in the air. Think 40k in WW2 clothes, and you have the ruleset off to a T.

    1. Yeah I had read somewhere that the rules were basically 2nd Ed 40k in a WW2 setting. I gather the new rule books are quite good though or can you pick up a mini rule book quite cheaply

  3. Not bothering with the new edition Dave, picked up a 2nd edition on evil-bay for the princely sum of two quid. The 2nd has a lot of stuff that theyve missed out of the new one, like how to set up historical scenarios, campaign system, etc. And yes you can pick up the mini 3rd edition quite cheaply if thats what you want.