Thursday, 19 April 2012

And................. Done!!!

Well, thats that lot done, not too bad really, a wargame assembled and painted in a fortnight. Ok close-ups would show the (rather poor) quality of painting, but that piccy shows them pretty much as you'd see them on-table, so for me, thats good enough for Government work.

Have I played it while painting this lot up, hell yeah, I've played about a dozen games so far, plays really fast, the rules just work without being over the top with detail. I think it says enough about the rules that of the dozen I've played (all on easy mode) I've only won 4. This game has A LOT of re-playability.

What do I think could improve this game? I've been pondering, 1:600 isnt really my scale, I think I'd like to re-do it in 1:300, again not really my scale but the aircraft at least are a big chunky handful. More aircraft stats so it can spread into other conflicts, more scenarios, 6 at 3 difficulty settings is a bit on the stingy side.

Aside from that I can honestly say that I've had more games (and fun) in the last fortnight than, well at any time in the past, so all in all, money well spent.


  1. Good effort there Gordon. Will the rules handle scaling up to 1/300th scale?

    Is modern jet combat not all about sitting miles off from target and then launching fire and forget missles?

  2. These rules are very much "back of a fag packet" type of rules. Only 6 pages of actual rules and 6 of scenarios, the longest range shot you can take is 24". Scaling up shouldnt be an issue, the base size for 1/600 is 20 x 20, if I make the 1/300 bases 40 x 40 and crank the table size up to 5ft x 4ft, effectivly I've doubled the bases sizes and doubled the table size, there will just be a bit more flying about before the missiles start to launch.