Thursday, 26 April 2012

Mexican Dave has got his wish

Well Dave has been banging on about the lack of 10mm goodness for our FWC games (he doesnt really like 6mm), well his prayers have been answered. Go here for a sneaky peek at a few of the new 10mm models about to be unleashed. From what I've heard it's a whole new game system, all being launched at once, rules, 4 races (between 12 and 15 models per race), scenery, etc, etc.
Should be very interesting to see what the prices are like.


  1. I have seen this. have alook at the Miniature Review site for more pictures

  2. Are they a US company Gordon? If they are then best hope the exchange rate improves!

  3. Think its a UK company Dave, they were at Salute this year anyway.

    1. Definately one to watch for the models and price.