Monday, 31 January 2011

Well thats January done

End of the month and time to look to see what I'm going to try to achieve in February.

Found these in a drawer

I bought these at a bring and buy in November 2009 along with a set of Uncharted Seas rules, and theyve lain there for the past 15 months or so, I think its about time I got these into a playable condition. So being as theyre an Elven fleet they'll need some suitable opposition, quick check on Wayland games and the cheapest (and easiest to paint) enemies for these guys looks like the Iron Dwarfs. £17.50 for a starter fleet including delivery.

Well that didnt take too long
the Elven fleet assembled and primed. :-)


  1. Gordon before you take the plunge on another fleet and part with your gold do u not want to try the rules out?

    I have a dwarven and Imperial fleet, cammie has dwarves and Ruarok has an Orcish fleet.

    And the rules are now in their second edition - mainly tidy ups of a few unclear points (particularly with regard to working out if a target is hit by a full or partial broadside) and adding the stats for the new fleets. I have the new edition if u wish to peruse.

  2. When have I ever done the sensible thing Dave?

    In view of your comments on the second edition, I dont think I'll be bothering getting that, at least not yet, not if its merely a tidy up and lists for the new races.

    I doubt very much if I'll have time at the club to try it out either, club time will probably have to be spent getting the ACW game sorted out for the shows.