Saturday, 22 January 2011

Random diversions

Only the 22nd of the month and already I'm musing over end of month purchases.

As I've finished 3 projects I'm allowed to start a new one, but does an opposing army for an existing one count as a new project??? My gut feeling is no, as I habitually buy and paint both sides for any ruleset. So the consideration is no I wont be starting anything new this coming month but I will just be adding to what I have underway currently.

So my thoughts have been, do I blow the wargames budget on another complete army from Pendraken (who seem to have a portal into my wallet) or just buy some bits and pieces for other armies? I could do with some Boar riders for my Orcs, maybe another regiment of Continentals for the AWI project, and I could buy the first few units for either a Skaven or Undead army for Warmaster. Or I could just buy the Lancastrian army for War of the Roses.

Decisions, decisions, and still nine days of January to go.

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