Saturday, 22 January 2011

November 2010

Bought 9
Well who can resist 9 28mm "Sweeney" figures for £3? Dont you just love "Bring and Buys"?
Painted 116
Ok its 6mm but its still more than I bought.

Thats the start of my Andryadan army for my current Seeds of War project, only another 32 Walkers and Flyers, a Titan type thingy and maybe 200 infantry to go. Theyre currently slated to be fielded as a Future War Commander army to face my regular opponent Mexican Dave's Kraytonians, eventually I'll convert him to the Seeds rules.
Thats the end of the month now and I've managed to get another 49 painted

That brings the total for the month to 165 painted.

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