Saturday, 29 January 2011

Organisation (or lack of it)

Ok this ones really just for Cammie, sparked off by his post of trying to figure out what he's got in the way of unpainted/painted lead (or plastic). So here's my setup

This area as you might guess is where my paintings done, notice the storage drawers in the back, in these get stuffed any figs or vehicles that are part of a current project. One drawer per project, no empty drawer, no new project allowed. :-(

And this

is where it all ends up, dont worry there's lots more shelves and drawers full of stuff, but this is where the stuff I mostly play with ends up. This way Cammie I dont have to count figures or anything, I just look for the drawer on the paint table with the least stuff in it, paint the feck out of it until its done, then I can buy some new stuff. :-)

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