Saturday, 22 January 2011

January 2011

Well its been a good weeks painting :)

thats 133 painted this week :)
Just as well because its been a crap week for buying, due to an unexpected influx of cash I went and ordered a War of the Roses Yorkist army, a mere 384 figures, so despite a very good effort in the painting stakes, the lead mountain is still growing. :(
Early post this time, just to celebrate the fact that thats the last of the Andryadans painted :)

so painted 43, bought 0
The micro tanks are a from a Land Ironclads starter set the missus bought me for my birthday 7 months ago, so I thought it was about time I painted them and had a wee sample game.
Tomorrow I plan to dig all the Andryadans out of their boxes and have a photo call, ok, theyve all been photographed as theyve been painted but theres nothing more heartwarming than seeing a finished project en-masse.
As promised here they are

2nd project of the year completed, the Andys and 2 fleets for Aeronef, next scheduled to be completed is 2 small forces for Land Ironclads.
Well thats another 98 painted, not only that but thats the Land Ironclads finished as well.

New Carthaginian army arrived today, very happy

The bag of goodies

Oh what a lot of sorting to do

Sorted and piled


The first unit of Poeni spearmen on the painting desk ready to be undercoated.
I'm quite looking forward to doing this project, how long is it gonna take me?? Well there's 14 units in the army not counting the General and a couple of leaders, so I'm hoping to do at least 2 to 3 units a week, so the far estimate is the end of February, but I'm hoping for mid-February. Now if only Mexican Dave would get a move on and at least buy his Romans we might even get a game in by April.

The full army, all prepped and stuck to their painting strips, to misquote Maximus from Gladiator, "on my signal, unleash paint!"
Well day 4 of the project already, and not too much progress, the General is done as is a unit of skirmishers

from the front

and from the rear.
Painting is at a standstill just now, busy packing stuff up for club night tonight, the Andryadans pictured above are making their debut, fighting Mexican Dave's Kraytonians, if I remember to take my camera I'll post a couple of piccies of the game.
I remembered the camera so here we go

The Andryadan warhost

Mexican Dave deploys with his usual cunning

One of Dave's sneaky recce units

Some of his superbly painted Infantry back up his other Recce unit

Dave admiring his painting

The Vanguard surge forward

Into range of Dave's tanks on the hilltop, now you see 'em

and now you dont, this was the way the whole game went with Dave leading with his tanks and concentrating on my walkers. Ok they went down like one-legged Elephants but that gave my infantry time to close the range, then Dave learned to fear the firepower of Andy infantry as his tank were brewing up right left and centre. It ended up a massacre for the Krayts with 20 units destroyed to a mere 7 Andys. Good result!
Day 7 of the Carthage project and things are looking a bit better

Thats the General done, 4 units done, the Elephants about halfway and there should be a unit of naked Gallic warband done by the end of the day, barring interruptions, like the Yorkist army arriving and me getting the "Oooh, shiny!!" normal distraction. So far this months totals are Bought : 384 Painted : 343, whoa, I only need to paint another 41 before the end of the month, and 14 days to do it.
Wednesday the 19th, well the Warcraft servers are down so time for a weekly look at what Gordon's paint brush has been waved in the general direction of

The usual eclectic mix, couple of 6mm Syrian tanks for an Arab/Israeli bash at some point, 3 15mm Sci-Fi troopers, an AWI 6 pounder and crew, and a few more Carthaginians.
Bought 384
Painted 381
Looking good.

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