Monday, 16 July 2012

So far

Well due to real life getting in the way I only got a couple of turns of the ancients try out in yesterday. Given that I made a fairly average roll for game length (a 4) that means that the entire game only lasts 7 turns in total.

Here's the current situation, in the 1st turn the Roman right refused to move, the Roman left refused to move and the Consul commanding the centre blundered, which wasnt as bad as it could have been as the block of Legionaries he was commanding shuffled half-heartedly towards the enemy. The Carthaginians fared a little better, with their left wing cavalry starting to trot towards the Romans then stopping, again the right wing wouldnt budge and the main spear block in the middle making some headway across the table.

Turn 2 saw the Roman right wing still refusing to move ("bugger off, we're still having breakfast!"), the Roman left however made great strides forward with a unit of light cavalry even passing the mountain foothills. The centre made a steady if unhurried advance. The Carthaginian left wing cavaly started swinging round the wood, lights to the fore with the shock cavalry coming up at the rear, the right wing made a half hearted advance towards the mountain withe the centre continuing their march to match spear phalanx against Roman legion.

More to follow tomorrow, that is as long as the dog is ok and can actually hold some food down today, otherwise its gonna be another day of 12 visits to the park.

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